It is impossible not to be amazed by the harmony and beauty of the Creation if you look around.

The commercial farm is situated in Montino, in the center of the hill, in the district of Altomonte. It is a renowned medieval village among the most beautiful ones in Italy, which Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) named “Balbia” for the famous wine “Balbino”during the Ancient Rome era. The name Altomonte dates back to the XIV century and is rich of history, from Angevins to Ruffo di Calabria with its medieval alleys, the feudal castle, the Saint Francis of Paola monastic complex dated 1635, the Gothic Angevin church of Santa Maria della Consolazione dated 1300, the works of art by Simone Martini, Bernardo Daddi and the school of Giotto.


The property is surrounded by oak woods, olive groves, fig orchards and maize, wheat, barleys and arable lands. On background, the peaks of Pollino that are white till late spring; in front,the Ionian sea of the ancient Sibari.


The biodiversity magnificently characterizes the harmony of everything around here.


The vineyards of the company are spaced out by strips of different arboreal essences which varied tastes, fragrances and colors. Besides connoting the grapes produced, these constitute a perfect natural habitat for various animal species.


In the highest and drier part, fat plants with unique beautiful flowers together with prickly pears vegetate, but also cherry-trees, mulberries, blackthorns, pear trees, apple trees, medlar trees, plum trees, persimmon trees, strawberry trees and jujubes which fruits are the food for little falcons, blackbirds, pikas, thrushes, sparrows, robins, goldfinches and many other winged animals.


In the intermediate part, the presence of the Scotch broom and other plants such as pomegranates, walnuts, wild apple, pear and cherry trees makes colors change.


In the lower part, divided between the olive trees and the vineyard, you can enjoy the freshness of a small lake, supplied by the water coming from the mountain, in which little fishes swim and other aquatic fauna proliferates. Everything is surrounded by a little oak wood, spontaneous plants such as hazels, Fraxinus ornus, English oaks, elms, willows and butcher’s-brooms, hawthorns, wild asparaguses, laurel oaks, rosemary and oregano. Here live and hide foxes, porcupines and hares that sometimes are possible to see dozing in the vineyard, under a plant, probably after having got drunk from grapes.

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    Terre di Balbia

    Viticulturists in Altomonte

    In the heart of the south, exactly in the Medieval village called Altomonte in the province of Cosenza, the ancient Balbia is reborn in the glasses. The wines produced in these ancestral lands were praised in the verses of Pliny the Elder enchanted by a nectar named “balbino” that re-invoked the divine in its name.