Pivotal was the encounter with Gianfranco Fino, a skilled winemaker from Salento, who has believed in the project and guided the modernization of the vineyards ever since. He oversaw the construction of the winery itself, suggested cultivation techniques, and dictates and controls the whole wine making processes. 

gianfranco fino
simonit & sirch

“Preparatori d’uva” from Marco Simonit & Sirch, a Northern Italy-based, world-famous school for pruning techniques that ensure the longevity of vineyards, takes care of the pruning and field training of the employees in pruning.

Worldwide vineyards,” a world-renowned company based in France, specialized in grafting and top working, has converted the vineyard’s portion that was not autochthonous to the Magliocco variety – the most important Calabrian grape variety in the area of Cosenza, Calabria’s main city.

Worldwide vineyards