A blessed

The fields of “Terre di Balbia” stretch out under the absolute light of Calabria sky, boasting grapes from Magliocco, Gaglioppo and Merlot crops over an eight hectares-extension of land, and olive trees on a two hectares-field. The farm is immersed in the sea breeze from the plain of Sybaris and in the fresh scents from the Mt. Pollino.

  • Influx by two seas (warm winds)
  • Proximity to the Pollino mountain (cold winds)

  • Temperature fluctuation favors the full expression of scents

  • Clay soil with sand and gravel

  • Altitude between 800 ft and 980 ft

  • Southern exposure

  • Rich in biodiversity

A unique terroir with favorable thermal excursions.

The farm is located in Montino, a hamlet set on a half-slope in the municipality of Altomonte.

The property is surrounded by oak forests, olive and fig tree groves, and crops of corn, wheat, barley and arable lands.  In the backdrop, there is the Pollino mountain covered with snow until late spring; and in front the Ionian Sea of the ancient city of Sibari.


The winery’s vineyards are interspersed with swaths of trees’ different species, whose different flavors, scents and colors not only influence grapes’ production but also provide a perfect natural habitat for several  animals.


Biodiversity is the tangible expression  of the harmony of everything that grows and lives here.

In the highest altitude and driest lands of the farm, succulents topped by lush flowers coexists with prickly pear, cherry, mulberry, plum, pear, apple, loquat, plum, persimmon, strawberry tree and jujube, whose fruits attract hawks, blackbirds, peckers, thrushes, sparrows, robins, goldfinches, herons and other birds.

In the center part, the nuances are intense due to the presence of yellow broom and other plants such as pomegranate, walnut, apple, wild pear, and wild cherry.

In the lower part, occupied by the olive grove and the vineyard, one can enjoy the cool air from a small natural reservoir fed by stream waters, where small fish swim and other aquatic fauna abound. 

This ecosystem is surrounded by a grove of oaks, wild plants such as hazels, flowering ash, farnias, elms, willows and butcher’s broom shrubs, white thorn, wild asparagus, laurel, rosemary and oregano. This is where foxes, porcupines and hares live and hide; they sometimes happen to get a nap in the vineyard, under a plant, perhaps after getting drunk with grapes’ juice.